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FMCG, General Goods & Electronics

Special Items upon request.

WHOLESALE Medical Supplies:

Gloves, Gowns, Masks, Thermometers, Medical Jumper & Suits, CoVID19 Testing Kits, Shoe Covers, Boot Covers, Tape, etc.

Wholesale Questions Contact Sales Agent: 

Contact Email here


Mr. B. Collins

  • How does wholesale work ?
    Simple Email above to the Wholesale agent. 1. Send the following: Products you are looking for Photos if any Quanity needed Special needs Budget if any Other 2. Wait for the reply and any additional questions. 3. Next you will get a quote. 4. Satisfied with the quote then a 75% deposit is required 5. Order will be placed. 6. Upon order being ready to ship the additional 25% will be sent. 7. Final will be checking order and shipping.
  • What is the lowest quanity accepted ?
    5000 pieces is usually the lowest. Please check with the agent to confirm. Multiple product orders and other may apply for adjustments.
  • What are my payment terms and are they negotiable?
    Payment terms may be negotiable for repeat clients
  • Under what circumstance might prices change?
    Once you recieve your quote the prices suspetable to change. Once we recieve your deposit of prices will not change.
  • Do you have a volume rebate?
    Discounts are eligible for orders over 100,000 pieces.
  • What is the Average Shipping Time?
    Shipping time will be disclosed upon request for quote. However, shipping time will be disclosed when the order is made and once again when shipped. We do not take responcibility for acts of God and other.
  • Where is the Wholesaler Located?
    We are located in Hong Kong and China. All factories are in China. All Factories and Suppliers are licensed and have all needed proper approval for shipping and selling internationally.
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